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How to Decorate Cupcake for Birthday Parties

Cupcakes are one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday party. If you are planning a kid’s birthday party, then cupcake are a great option. With so many decorating ideas, you can easily create the most stunning cupcake decor.There are many ways you can decorate a cupcake. Icing and cream are the traditional ways to decorate a cake. [...]

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Three Ways Edible Printed Cake Toppers have Changed Cake Decor

Decorating cake is one of the important parts of birthday parties and other special occasions. Decorating the cake is also one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the party planning. With the edible printed cake images, the process of decorating cake has become easier than ever. Printed cake toppers are now becoming a norm. No matter what occasion you [...]

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How to Throw a Paw Patrol Everest Theme Birthday Party

Does your little princess love Everest from Paw Patrol TV show? She is every little girl’s favorite pup. Kids love this show and Everest is one of the most popular characters liked my many kids. Do not be surprised if your kids request a Paw Patrol Everest theme birthday party.Paw Patrol is a kid show about the nine pups and [...]

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How to Create Paw Patrol Theme Cake Decoration

Paw patrol is one of the favorite TV shows for the kids. The cartoon show is about six adorable puppies and a ten-year-old boy Ryder. Together, they go on rescue mission and save their community from a wide range of dangers. They so have special powers. Kids love this show and if you want to create a stunning cake [...]

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Catboy Cake Topper – A Picture-Perfect Kid Birthday Cake Decor

Kids adore the PJ Masks show. It’s engaging, interesting, exciting, and of course thrilling. The characters of the series have created a special place in the hearts of the little ones. Catboy surely is one of the most popular characters and has won over the kiddies like no other. The display of the Catboy cake decor makes for one [...]

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How to Use Shopkins Edible Cake Images in 5 Easy Steps

Shopkins edible cake images are one of the popular themes for cake decor. It’s a collectible toy based on the grocery items store. Each toy comes with a unique name. They have a vast collection of merchandise on different themes, and they are very popular with the kids.The edible cake images are one of the easiest ways to decorate a [...]

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How to Make a Birthday Cake Decor with Skye Cake Topper

Paw Patrol is one of the popular shows for the kids. It is a wonderful story of 10 years old boy Ryder and 6 brave puppies. They are committed to keeping their Adventure Bay community from all sorts of dangers with their rescue missions. Skye is one of the most popular members of the Paw Patrol team.Kids love the [...]

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The Pleasure of Decorating Your Own Cake

Celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries is incomplete without the cake. Cake makes everything special. The most interesting part of cake is the decoration and for some it’s gives them the utmost pleasure.If you are bored off all the same kind of cake decor from the store and think they do not do justice to your special occasion, you [...]

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How to Create a Personalized Cake Decor with PJ Masks Cake Topper

Have a birthday in family, especially a kid’s? You have the chance to create the most stunning and personalized cake decor with the PJ Masks edible birthday cake topper.This cartoon series is very popular with the kids. It’s the story of three children, Sacha, Amaya and Greg, who turn into superheroes when they put on their special pajamas. This [...]

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5 Creative Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Birthday cakes are one of the best ways to celebrate someone’s birthday and make the occasion extra special. No one can imagine a birthday party without a decorative cake. But the same old cake decor has become so tiresome that people are now looking for some fresh ideas. One of the latest trends in cake decoration is the edible cake toppers. [...]

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