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How to Use Shopkins Edible Cake Images in 5 Easy Steps

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Shopkins edible cake images are one of the popular themes for cake decor. It’s a collectible toy based on the grocery items store. Each toy comes with a unique name. They have a vast collection of merchandise on different themes, and they are very popular with the kids.

The edible cake images are one of the easiest ways to decorate a cake. If you are planning your kid’s birthday, then this is the perfect theme to go with it.

Here are is how you can decorate your cake with the Shopkins edible cake images in easy steps:

Choose a Theme

You can get the Shopkins cake images online in a wide range of themes. They are plastic collectible toys with different names. Based on what your kid likes you can easily order one online. Or you can send in the picture you want as a topper. Theme based parties are one of the best ways to make the celebration special. You have plenty of choices when it comes to edible cake image decor in Shopkins theme.

Choose cake or cupcake

You can use the edible cake images for decorating your cake or cupcake. Usually, the cupcakes are a more practical choice for kid’s birthdays. If you are younger than ten, then a cupcake would be a better choice. It’s easy to use and kids will make less mess as compared to the cakes. The choice is yours.

Choose the Shape and Size

These edible cakes toppers come in different standard shapes. You can buy them in a square, round or rectangle. The same shapes are available for cakes and cupcakes. Likewise, they are available in different sizes as well. Based on the size of the cake you can order the cake image.

Store them away from sunlight

One of the important things about the edible printed cake images is that they should be kept away from sunlight. They are printed on frosting sheets using the edible ink. They are safe and come with a shelf life of 12 months. It will last for 12 months only if you handle it carefully.

Bake the cake

Make the cake you want to decorate. The edible images do not come with the cake. Once you have the freshly baked cake you can put the Shopkins edible cake images on top of them and the décor is complete. If you want to put extra icing, you can. The edible images alone are enough to make the cake look stunning.

This is how you can decorate your birthday cake in few easy steps. It’s easy, time-saving and you can store them for 12 months.