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How to Throw a Paw Patrol Everest Theme Birthday Party

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Does your little princess love Everest from Paw Patrol TV show? She is every little girl’s favorite pup. Kids love this show and Everest is one of the most popular characters liked my many kids. Do not be surprised if your kids request a Paw Patrol Everest theme birthday party.

Paw Patrol is a kid show about the nine pups and a boy named Ryder, who together goes on rescue missions to save their little community. One of the pups in the show is Everest. She is a fun loving Husky pup with the task of removing snow from the roads during a rescue mission.

With an Everest cake topper, you can easily plan a Paw Patrol theme party. Here are some of the things you will need:

#1.Everest Theme Cake Decor

Of course, it is not possible to throw an Everest theme birthday party without the cake. The first thing you will need is a cake. Bake the cake at home or you can order the one from the stores. Then you will need the Everest cake topper. You can get the edible printed cake toppers in Paw Patrol themes. They are super easy to use. You can choose from hundreds of images. You can even send the image you like and get it printed as a cake topper.

Use the Everest image your daughter like the best and you can create a personalized cake décor for the birthday party. They are very long lasting as well. They can last for 12 months at the least. Therefore, you can stock them and use them for various occasions.

#2.Everest Theme Balloons

To make the party more fun, you can buy the Paw Patrol theme balloons with the image of Everest in it. The Paw Patrol has huge merchandise in its name. You will find plenty of items based on the theme. Balloons are one of the best ways to decorate the room for the party. Kids will love the colorful display.

#3.Paw Patrol Masks

You will need Paw Patrol masks for the kids to wear. Everyone can choose his or her favorite Paw Patrol Pup. Since your kid loves Everest so much, she will definitely choose the mask. You can either buy them online or make it at home. They are very easy to make.

#4.Paw Patrol Party Banners

When you are planning a Paw Patrol Theme birthday party, do not forget to put a theme banner. You can again make it at home or buy online. You can use the image of Everest on the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” letters and make the party come alive for your child.


Paw Patrol is a popular theme for birthday parties. You can easily plan a party on this theme using stuff like Everest cake topper, masks, banners, balloons, snacks, cupcakes and so much more. Kids will love it and the birthday party will be remembered as one of the best days of their life.