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Edible Printed Cake Images

Edible printed cake images are the best way to decorate a homemade or store bought cake. Unlike the non-edible cake toppers options, the edible printed cake images add a personal touch to any celebrations.

At E-Cake Image, we print edible topper images for cakes using various popular themes like famous TV character, movies, songs and many more. You can choose from various sizes and shapes for decorating your cakes and cupcakes.

Printing Edible Images

Imagine eating your cake topper that has an image of your favourite television character? With edible images as your cake toppers, they never go waste. At E-Cake Image, we use images to print cake and cup cake toppers that are printed on frosting sheets using edible ink, all FDA approved and are kosher and allergen free. You can use any image of your choice to be printed as cake or cupcake topper in various sizes and shapes.

We take utmost care in printing the images to provide you with the cake topper you have imagined.

Why Use Edible printed cake images

Images are more personal and allows you to show your love and appreciation to the people you are celebrating with. We have edible printed cake images for various occasions like birthdays, engagements, wedding, christenings or any special occasion you have in mind. They are easy to use and are less messy. All you have to do is peel off the frosting sheet and lay it on top of your homemade or store bought cake and your cake is ready in a minute. No scribbled handwriting or messy icing decorations required.

We are a 100% US based company, specialized in creating personalized cake and cupcake toppers for various occasions.

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