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Three Ways Edible Printed Cake Toppers have Changed Cake Decor

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Decorating cake is one of the important parts of birthday parties and other special occasions. Decorating the cake is also one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the party planning. With the edible printed cake images, the process of decorating cake has become easier than ever.

Printed cake toppers are now becoming a norm. No matter what occasion you are celebrating, the edible printed cake images can meet your exact needs.

Here are some of the ways the edible printed cake images have changed the ways cakes are now decorated.

#1.Cake decor in few minutes

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours in decorating the cake with the frost and icing. Not everyone is an artist and creating a design on the cake is tough for many. With the edible printed cake images, you can easily decorate your cake in just a few steps. It only takes a few minutes, as you only have to peel of the backing from the topper and put them directly on the cake. In just a few minutes, your cake decor is completed.

#2.Image of your Choice

Choose the most endearing image you want on the cake as decor and it will be printed as a topper. This is the most fun thing about the cake toppers. You can choose any image of your choice. Just like the photographs, the images will be printed on frostings sheets. The printed topper will look exactly like the image you choose. Say goodbye to the same old store bought cake decor and create a personalized cake decor with the printed images.

#3.Its Edible

Unlike the other plastic cake toppers, the edible printed cake toppers are edible. These images can add a personal touch to any cake decor. You will also get to eat the beautiful cake topper. They taste as delicious as they look. The edible cake and cupcake toppers are one of the best ways to decorate cakes and cupcakes. The images are printed on the FDA approved frosting sheets and ink. They are completely allergen and kosher free. Therefore, rest assured that your edible cakes images are completely safe for the kids.


Edible printed cake images have changed the way cakes are now decorated. It allows you to create a more personal decor for the loved ones. The cake toppers come with many benefits. It looks beautiful. It is easy to use and it saves you plenty of time. You can buy them in bulk, store them and use them for various purposes as they can last for at least 12 months. Start decorating your cake now.