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How to Create Paw Patrol Theme Cake Decoration

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Paw patrol is one of the favorite TV shows for the kids. The cartoon show is about six adorable puppies and a ten-year-old boy Ryder. Together, they go on rescue mission and save their community from a wide range of dangers. They so have special powers. Kids love this show and if you want to create a stunning cake decor for their birthday, then go with the theme.

Decorating a birthday cake with the image of something the person likes not only makes it special, it makes it extra special. Paw patrol is one of the most popular cake decor themes for the kids.

Here is how you can create a Paw Patrol Theme cake decor:

#1.Choose the toppers

There are many types of cake toppers. The paw patrol toppers come in various sizes and materials. You can create a Paw Patrol character using the icing and cream, or you can use the plastic toppers in Paw Patrol theme that can be propped on the cake.

One of the most impressive types of the cake toppers are the edible paw patrol topper. They are edible, and the images look realistic. Kids love visuals. You can choose from various edible printed paw patrol toppers. Choose the one that your kid likes the best.

#2.Make the cake

You can use cake or cupcake for a kid’s birthday parties. Cupcake is more practical since it’s easier for the small kids to handle them without making a mess. If the kids are a little grown up then cake is just fine. Make sure the cake is in square, rectangle or round in shape. The edible cake toppers mostly come in these shapes so it will be easier for you to decorate the cake. The toppers should be used on a freshly baked cake or cupcake.

#3.Apply the Toppers

The edible paw patrol cake toppers are super easy to use. They are printed on frosting sheets and come with a protective backing. All you need to do is order them in the size your cake. The next step is to peel off the protective covering and put them on the freshly baked cake. Your cake is ready now. You can create extra designs on the edge of the cakes, but the cake toppers are enough for decoration. It will save you plenty of time.


Edible cake toppers are long lasting. They come with a shelf life of 12 months. Keep them in the dark away from sunlight. You can use them for various occasions. Creating paw patrol theme cake decoration is so easy with an edible paw patrol cake topper. It only takes few minutes and the visual appeal of the toppers makes the cake look stunning. They also look great on the photos.