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Toddler Trends For Your Customized Cake

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Toddlers are extremely visual, and since they can't really read and are likely still struggling to form a fully comprehensive sentence, the party ideas and cake theme are the most important elements of any kind of toddler party planning. It could say 'Merry Christmas' on their birthday cake, but as long as it showed their all-time favorite character, their day would be complete. However, such a simple mistake would never happen when you purchase cake toppers, cupcake toppers or absolutely anything fromEdible Cake Image. So, rest be assured. Your cake theme will be complete and well beyond your toddler - and your expectations. Let’s first choose the kind of toddler trends that will make your little one's eyes grow wide with amazement. Here are characters, movies and television shows that every toddler, both boys and girls always seem to absolutely adore.

Toddlers Love Their Thomas

Prepare for the little ones to be running around with their arm in their air shouting 'Choo Choo' for the rest of the toddler party because once they see Thomas the Train, their happiness will be through the roof. While having little kids excitingly running around may not be your goal on a typical day, this one is different - it's their day, and you want to give them one that will forever stick in their little memories. Plus,Thomas The Train Cakes also look amazing in photographs and are super Instagram-worthy when from Edible Prints on Cake. Choo Choo your way to being the best toddler party theme planner on the block!

Under The Sea Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies is right up there on the toddler trend list, and since it is highly educational and just as entertaining every parent is happy to add them on as the cake topper for their next party. Of course, the lucky toddlers love it just as much. Whether you're hosting a toddler theme party that is from under the sea or just looking for a highly creative andtoddler theme cake for their birthday, Bubble Guppies is always an excellent option,and you can get all the characters on one, ensuring that your toddler recognizes his favorites.

Surprise with Sesame Street

Toddlers can never get too much education in their system, and the best part is that at this age, they absolutely love learning new things. So parents might as well take advantage of it before they hit middle school and pretend to be sick every day just to get out of going to school. Sesame Street has so many characters, so if your tumbling toddler doesn't seem to have a favorite, a Sesame Street cake that has a bunch on the topper is a always toddler favorite! The vibrant colors and detailed characters will definitely have your child smiling from ear to ear before they dive right into the delicious taste of cake. Mmm.

Dance Away with a Wiggles Theme

The Wiggles television show is so popular that they actually go on tour and perform for a live audience, which is actually an excellent party idea to go along with your Wiggles cake topper. However, even if you can't get yourself a pair of tickets or they aren't in your area, throw on their television show or DVD, and serve up a Wiggles cake or Wiggles cupcakes and let the dance and sing party begin for the little ones. You'll be amazed at the quality and taste of print on this cake, since they aren't cartoon characters and the cake topper is made edible from an actual image.

These are four television shows and many more characters that seem to always pull at the heart strings of toddlers, and you can never go wrong with adding thesetoddler trendsand party themes into the special day. The cake and/or cupcakes are often the centerpiece of the celebration and as such, should never go underestimated. After all, kids really grow up way too fast, so make sure to soak in those toddler days while you can.