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Tips to Finding a High Quality Cake Design Company

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There is nothing worse than going to pick up your cake and the design is so far from what you asked for and/or expected, which is why Edible Cake Image wants to give you all the tips you need to ensure that you can find the perfect cake design company for you. Of course, you can always skip these steps and browse through our extensive and high quality collection of cake toppers and cupcake toppers and ensure that you'll receive the mind-blowing cake design of your choice. Here are some things to look for and that certainly set Edible Cake Image apart from what another cake design company may offer.

Always Look At the Ingredients

This is often a cake design tip that many people overlook because the edible cake topper is such a small portion (but most important) in comparison to the rest of the cake. Just because you selected a cake that is allergen free, healthy and FDA approved doesn't necessarily mean that your edible cake topper will be as well. All of the ink and edible sheets on Edible Cake Image are FDA approved, kosher and allergen free to ensure that everyone attending your gathering can enjoy a slice of dessert.

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Check for Instructions

The cake design company that you choose to provide the cake topper for your next party should always provide detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how you can properly apply the design without ruining it. This is exactly why Edible Cake Image has made the process incredibly easy and the instructions simple. All you have to do is peel the icing sheet from the baking and lay it on your freshly frosted cake. These are provided with each and every order.

Look At the Storing and Shelf Life

When it comes to planning a party, it is always recommended to have everything ready well before the big date because there is nothing worse than rushing around on the day-of because you forgot to order a cake or party decorations. So, plan ahead and make sure that the cake design companyprovides information on the storing requirements and shelf life, but that it is also ideal for your needs. The shelf life of all the frosting sheets on Edible Prints on Cake lasts approximately 12 months as long as it is stored in its sealed bag, at room temperature and out of direct sun light. This is excellent for those of you planning ahead or even party planners out there that do this for a living. You can even check back and snag some special deals and buy some in bulk if you know you have some parties coming up within the next year.

Analyze the Cake Design Company's Specifics

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Since every cake design company is different, they may have different guidelines that they follow. So, always check to see what their company is about and offers, such as personalization, shipping terms, returns and so on and so forth. With Edible Cake Image, customized cakes are one of our expertise and as long as you provide your detailed personalized message, we can get it done for you. However, these orders are not eligible for a return because all of the images we provide are custom made. Of course, that would be different if there was an error in the design of the cake topper or cupcake topper, but that just isn't something you ever have to worry about with our high quality performance. In addition, our shipping offers vary depending on what you are looking for. On average, delivery time is anywhere from 1-3 days with Priority Mail. Express orders take 1-2 days depending on your zip code, and international orders typically day 2-3 weeks. This is crucial information to ensure that your cake topper arrives in time for the celebration.

Lastly, the cake design company you are interested in should always have a portfolio of a sort so you can see what their finished products look like. Check through our cake topper and cupcake topper collections to see the mind-blowing edible prints that we have provided in the past.