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Why Skye from Paw Patrol is the Perfect Birthday Cake Topper

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When it comes to decorating cake for a kid’s birthday party, it is essential to choose something fun and colorful for a cake topper. A character from a beloved TV series for kids can be a wonderful idea.

Paw Patrol is one of the most loved kid shows on the TV. It is about a boy and six pups that save the community from all sorts of dangers. One of the brave puppies is Skye. She is smart, resourceful and first female member of the team.

Skye topper will simply look stunning on the cake. Kids love her and with a cake topper with her image on it will surely make the party even more special.

Here are some of the reasons why Skye cake topper is one of the best cake decor idea:

#1.Prefect for your little princess

If it your little daughter’s birthday party then Skye could be the best cake decor theme. She is smart, adorable and one of the treasured member of the team. She is often tasked with important things in a mission like flying and lookout. Without her, a mission would be difficult o complete. Isn’t she the perfect inspiration for a little kid?

#2.She is Pretty Pink

Skye’s main color is pink and she looks adorable. Kids love colors and the Skye cake topper will come with stunning an eye-catching colorful display. The Skye in pink colors against the beautiful backdrop will make the cake look so stunning. The best part is that the cake toppers are edible and will almost look exactly like the original picture. They are printed on frosting sheets, so you can get your favorite Skye image printed on it.

#3.She has many Great Traits

Skye can lift your spirit with her grace and smile. She can do excellent flips and has great memorization skills. She is a fun loving pup and get along with everyone. Bring the same spirit to your kid’s birthday and cake decor with Skye cake topper. The theme is both fun and inspirational.

#4.They are so easy to use

The edible cake toppers are one of the best ways to decorate cake. It takes out the stress of decorating the cake. With edible topper, you can decorate the cake in juts few minutes. They are printed on FDA approved frosting sheets and are completely safe. Just peel off the frosting sheet and put them directly on the cake. Your cake decor is ready to use. They also look stunning.

Edible cake toppers are the new trend in cake decor. It is a very smart way to decorate cake quick and easy. With themes like Paw patrol Skye cake topper, you can easily decorate your cake and make the party extra special for your kids. Get it now!