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Why is Edible Paw Patrol the Best Option for the Cake Toppings?

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The birthday cake is the main attraction in any birthday. Kids are fascinated with the texture shape, size, and colors of their birthday cake. The excitement is on the cloud nine when there is a cake with a personalized theme.

The edible paw patrol is the latest trend in the market which has gone viral among the kids who want something special on their birthday. From the series of the cartoon character to the cute doll the toppings on the cake makes it unique.

Make Your Kids Birthday Special

There are numerous options available when it comes to giving a different look to the cake. Arranging the kid’s birthday party is an exciting affair. The perfect idea to decorate the cake is to try the paw patrol theme. It’s icing on the cake.

The paw patrol is one of the famous TV series popular among the kids. The show is based on six puppies and a kid who is on a rescue mission to save their community from all sorts of danger. They all are blessed with special powers. There is a female puppy in the team named Skye. Not only Skye but other characters of the show are also charming and adorable.

Kids love this character so much; the topper of the Skye on the cake will look stunning. Including the edible paw patrol as a birthday theme is a fantastic idea.

A Guide to Create the Best Paw Patrol Theme

Select The Topper

Cake toppers are available in various size and materials. It is easy to create a paw patrol character with the help of the icing and cream. After the paw patrol is applied on the cake, it looks realistic and impressive. The cake is mouth watering once the images are designed on the cake.

Keep the Cake Ready

No matter either its cupcake or cake for your kid’s birthday. The cupcakes are the best for your kids because it is small as well easy for the kids to handle without creating a mess. The cake may be rectangular, square, round.

Apply the Topper

They can be easily applied on the cake with the help of the frosting sheets which comes with a protective backing. Place the order according to the size of the cake. By applying the paw patrol theme on the cake, it helps you to save a lot of time.

The edible cake images are the best to decorate the cake; they last for 12 months. So get the topper cake now and make your kids birthday special.