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Why Ghostbusters is the Perfect Birthday Cake Theme

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Ghostbusters the original fantasy-comedy-horror movie from 1984 is still one of the most popular movies. People still love it even after all these years. It is about a bunch of people who start a ghost-hunting business to fight the supernatural power in the New York City. What follows is series of comedy and errors, which makes for the perfect entertaining movie.

If you love the movie and if you have a birthday coming up anytime soon then Ghostbusters could be the perfect theme for the party. From the cake to décor to drinks, you can plan your whole party around this theme.

Here are some of the amazing reasons why Ghostbusters make for the perfect birthday party theme:

#1.Perfect Visual for the Cake

With Ghostbusters edible cake images, you can decorate your birthday cake and make it look so unique. The movie was known for its special effects, which not only added to the drama but also created the perfect comedy situations. The images from the movie posters and scenes are very popular. You can choose from many images or you can choose one of your favorites and get them printed as edible cake image toppers.

#2.Ghost-Horror Theme

If you are looking for a party theme then comedy-horror is a great option. It is ideal for a kid’s birthday party theme as well. It is not too gothic or scary. They are the perfect blend of comedy and horror. You can even use its hilarious punch line like "Listen! You smell something?" Dr. Raymond Stanz (Dan Aykroyd) as a message on the cake or banner.

#3.It’s a Buddy Movie

One of the key features of the movie is friendship and bonding. You can bring this theme to your birthday party. If you are celebrating your friend’s birthday party, then you can get Ghostbusters edible cake images for decorating your cake and making the party special. It has been thirty years since the movie was released and people still love the movie. If you have someone who loves this movie, then go for the theme for the birthday party.

#4.Dress-up and Celebrate

You will find plenty of Ghostbusters merchandise including T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs, toys, and Ghostbusters edible cake images. You can decorate the whole house with these items and create a fun-filled party. With the cake image, it is so easy to decorate the cake. All you need to do is peel off the protective sheet and put the cake topper directly on the cake. You only need a cake and rest will only take few minutes. It saves you plenty of time. Relive the memory once again by throwing Ghostbusters theme birthday party.

Ghostbusters is a very popular theme for birthdays and other occasions as well. Make your party a hit with a Ghostbusters cake image and other merchandise. Decorating cake has become so easy with the Edible Cake Image. It will save you time and money while helping you decorate the perfect birthday cake.