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Shopkins Cake Images are an Adorable Choice

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Shopkins are collectible toys based on the grocery store items. Each toy has a face and a unique name. Kids love these toys. If you are looking for some inspiring ideas for decorating cake for your kid’s birthday then Shopkins is one of the best ones.

Shopkins edible cake images are one of the best cake toppers you can find for decorating the cake. They are easy to use and will only take you few minutes to decorate them. Parents are always looking for cute and adorable cake decor ideas for celebrating special events in their child’s life including their birthdays.

Here is how you can decorate your cake with Shopkins edible cake image and make it adorable and memorable:

Choose the Shopkins cake Toppers

One of the easiest ways to decorate a cake is to use edible images for the cake. You will find plenty of designs online. If there is one favorite Shopkins character that your child loves, you can find it as well. Theme birthday parties are some of the best ideas for celebrating a special event. So many kids like Shopkins toys. A Shopkins theme party will simply make the occasion extra special. You will find unique Shopkins cake designs for decorating your cake.

Easy to Use Cake Toppers

Shopkins birthday cake images can really take the stress out of decorating a cake. They are so easy to use. They are printed on the frosting sheets and come with a backing. All you have to do is peel of the protective sheet and put the edible cake image directly on the cake. This will complete your cake décor task. There will be no mess in your kitchen. It will only take you few minutes to decorate your cake. They are completely safe to use since they are printed on FDA approved frosting sheets using ink also approved by the FDA.

They are Long lasting

Parents have plenty of reason to celebrate for their kids – birthdays, winning prizes in school, any other achievement and many more. The Shopkins edible cake images are long lasting. You can buy them in bulk if you like and store them in places away from sunlight. Keeping them inside an envelope is a great idea. They can usually last up to 12 months if you store them wisely.

Shopkins edible cake images can make any even special. They are perfect way to decorate a cake and make the even memorable. Simple to use and long lasting, these edible cake toppers are the new and innovative ways that’s saves time and effort. Get edible cake image now