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Ready to Use Edible Cake Image Toppers for You

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Cake is one of the most common things that are used when celebrating a special occasion. Whether it’s the birthday, anniversary, or special day, a cake can make the day even more special. When you decorate the cake and it makes it more personal the special occasion not only becomes extra special it becomes memorable.

Edible cake images have made cake decorations so easy and effortless. They are new and more efficient way of decorating the cake. They are available in a wide range of styles and themes and can instantly transform your cake into something stunning.

They are so easy to use

Instead of decorating the cake with icing and cream and all the other stuff, use the edible printed cake images to decorate the cake. They are so easy to use. They usually come with a backing and all you need to do is remove the sheet and put the printed image directly on a freshly baked cake or cupcake. That is the only thing you need to do to decorate your cake. These printed images can save you plenty of time. And when you are hard pressed for time you can use these ready to use cake images to decorate your cake.

They are printed on frosting sheets

The edible printed cake images are printed in frosting sheets rather than on the rice sheets. Frosting sheets are more reliable and better. These sheets are FDA approved and are completely safe especially for the kids. They are also free of allergens and are kosher free as well. The best things about these edible images are that you can choose your own picture. You have the choice of choosing from the various themes. But when you need to create a very personalized effect you can use the image you want as your cake topper and it will be printed on it.

They are great for personalized effect

You can surprise your loved ones with a cake topper that has picture of them on it. You can print a special moment or a particular photo that reflects the special occasion and make cake look so beautiful. These types of cake decor are just perfect for creating a personalized effect to make the occasion extra special.

Use them any time you want

These readymade cake toppers are just perfect for using on various occasions and not just on birthdays and anniversary. You can order them in bulk on various sizes for cakes and cupcakes as well. They are very long lasting. They can last for at least twelve weeks if they are stored correctly. You need to save them in the dark away from the direct sunlight. This will keep them safe and undamaged for a long time.

The edible printed cake images are one of the best ways to decorate your cake and cupcakes. They are easy, fast and efficient and save you plenty of time. They also look stunning and can instantly transform your cake.