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Plan a Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party with Everest Cake Topper

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Is your girl a Paw Patrol lover? And is Everest her favorite character? Perhaps yes!

Everest is every kid’s loved animated characters from the Paw Patrol TV show. And if you are thinking of giving your daughter a Paw patrol birthday party, then Everest cake topper is the best option to make her day more special.

But, how to plan a Paw Patrol themed birthday party for your daughter?

Everest Cake Topper

Things to plan for a Paw Patrol Birthday party-

1. Everest cake topper-

The first thing to plan for your birthday party is an Everest cake topper as a cake is always the center of attraction in every party. Be it a wedding or a farewell; amazing cakes can make every boring party a big hit. So what are the things to do to make an Everest topper cake?

  • The first thing you have to do is choose an online cake topper store where you will get the best quality Everest cake toppers of your choice. E-cake image is the best store on the internet, where you will get customized toppers with various themes.
  • Once you are done selecting your personalized cake topper, place your order quickly with E-cake Image. So that we can deliver the topper within a few days. These toppers can be stored for almost 12 months if kept properly.
  • Make or order a cake a few hours before your party. If you are ordering your cake, then instruct the store not to put any topper on it or use any frosting. Place the Everest cake topper on the cake by removing it from the back sheet. And that’s it; your cake is ready!

You can also make cupcakes in the same way. The only difference is that you have to buy Everest cupcake toppers along with the cake topper.

2. Store Bought Items-

Apart from Everest Cake toppers, there are many other things which can make your party more memorable. Here we have made a list of all these items which can be bought from any online or local store.

  • Everest Helium Balloons
  • Everest Masks
  • Everest Swirl Decorations
  • Everest cupcake rings
  • Paper plates with Everest image
  • Everest wall decors
  • Customized Everest badges
  • Everest Party Cup Wrappers

If you want to make it more exciting, you can also print Everest T-Shirt for your little guest. This can be a bit expensive, yet it is worth the investment!

So, there are all the things which you will need to make your daughter’s Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party with Everest cake topper a big hit!

You can also know which printed topper is best for which occasion!