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It’s Time for PJ Masks Birthday Party

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Normal kids by the day and superheroes by the night – it is the story of PJ Masks. Currently, PJ Masks is one of the favorite TV shows and kids simply love them.

It is a story about three kids Sacha, Amaya and Greg, who turn into superheroes wearing their special pajamas at night. They even have their superhero names - Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. They fight crime, defeat criminals, solve mysteries, and learn lessons while on the job. Parents love the show too and when they have a birthday party to throw, they know what theme it is going to be.

PJ Masks theme birthday party is one of the best ways to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Here are some ideas for throwing an awesome birthday party in PJ Masks theme:

#1.Custom PJ Masks Cake

This is the most important requirement for PJ Masks theme birthday party. A cake is the life of any birthday party; make it special by decorating it with a custom PJ Masks edible birthday cake topper for your child. You will find plenty of PJ Masks theme cake toppers online. You can create all sorts of decor for the cake. You can draw the image of Gekko on the cake icing or choose figurine as the topper.

With the edible cake topper, you can create a personalized cake decor. You can choose the image you want as cake topper. It is a new age trend, very easy, time efficient and edible.

#2.Big Balloons

Balloons are the most common decor items you will see at a birthday party. When you are throwing a PJ Masks birthday party, you can use red, blue and green color balloons to create the celebratory environment. The three colors are the color of the superhero pajamas worn by the three kids. You can also buy balloon available in the PJ Masks theme. The show has merchandise that includes everything from clothes to toys, snacks and so much more.

#3.Masks and Cape

Dress up the kids in a costume. A mask and cape will do the job as well. The PJ Masks superheroes have masks and cape and kids simply love them. You can also get the posters of the PJ Masks on the walls or design a banner to make the event more special. You can buy a whole lot of decor things for making the party rock. But, nothing will beat the PJ Masks edible birthday cake topper. It will make everything look extra special.

So get the party started and make it even more special with a personalized cake. They are perfect for memorable photos. Throw an awesome party with a PJ Masks edible birthday cake topper and make the day extra special for your child.