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Everest Cake Topper - The Best Way to Pull Off Everest Theme Birthday Party

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Does your little girl absolutely adore Everest from Paw Patrol TV show? She is indeed the favorite pup of every little one. Kids surely can’t get enough of this show and out of all the characters; Everest has won the heart of the kids perhaps like no other. These days it is hardly a surprise when the munchkin demands a Paw Patrol Everest theme birthday party.

Paw Patrol is a kid show about the nine pups one of the pups in the show is Everest. She is a fun loving Husky pup who has the responsibility of getting rid of snow from the roads during the rescue mission.

With an Everest cake topper, it would be absolutely amazing to plan the idea of a Paw patrol theme party

Here are some of the things you will need:


It is obvious to have the cake to execute the idea of the Everest Theme Cake. So, it entirely depends on you whether you want to bake the cake at home or you want to order it from the store. Once the cake is ready, you can get the edible printed cake toppers in Paw Patrol themes to bring your Everest theme cake vision into reality. They are surely easy to use and there are several option to choose from the images which will further make ease off the whole process. You can even send across the image you would like to have as a cake topper.


In order to create a rocking party, you will need quite a few things. Buying Paw Patrol theme balloons with the image of Everest in it will surely add a lot of fun to the bash. The Paw Patrol has huge merchandise in its name and you can find innumerable items based on the theme. Balloons surely are one of the great options to use as decoration in your party room. Kids will indeed enjoy the colorful display.


Masks are another important element which can enhance the celebratory fervor of the party. Simply bring in a number of Paw Patrol masks for the kids to wear and see how amazing the theme turns out. Everyone can choose his or her favorite Paw Patrol Pup. Since the kid loves Everest a lot, it is definite that they will enjoy wearing the everest mask. You can either choose to buy them online or make it at home. Nonetheless they are quite easy to create.


While planning a Paw Patrol Theme birthday party, putting a theme banner can be a lot of fun. They are available online and can as well be made at home with ease. So, the choice is yours to decide the way you want to have it. You can use the image of Everest on the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” letters and make the party memorable for your angel.


Paw Patrol is an extremely popular theme for girl’s birthday parties. They are easy to plan and have some super awesome funny characters too. Choose the theme using Everest cake topper, masks, banners, balloons, snacks, cupcakes to make it a happening affair for your kid and her friends. Shop now!