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Decorating a Cake with Ghostbusters Edible Cake Images

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Ghostbusters is a popular comedy movie that people love so much. It has huge merchandise to its name. You will find plenty of toys, souvenir, and many more things based on the Ghostbusters themes. Other popular merchandise is the cake toppers. Ghostbusters theme cake toppers are very popular.

People love the movie very much. It brings back the nostalgic feeling. If you have someone who loves this movie then you can decorate the cake with the Ghostbusters Edible Cake Images.

Here is how you can use the Ghostbusters theme cake image for decorating a special birthday cake:

Choose the Ghostbusters image of your choice

There are many Ghostbusters themes available as a cake topper. You can choose from various images or you can also get a photo of your choice printed as cake topper. The Ghostbusters edible cake images are perfect for decorating a theme cake for someone who loves the movie and its characters. One of the popular images is the white ghost itself.

Order them online

You can easily order your favorite Ghostbusters edible cake images online. You can visit the online stores and choose the one that you like. Or send in your favorite image that you want on your cake as edible image. Your order will be delivered in couple of days. You can order them in bulk so that you can choose them for other times as well for different occasions.

Bake a cake or cupcake

The next step is to bake a cake or cupcake for the occasion. If it is a kid’s birthday party then a cupcake will be more practical. A cupcake is more manageable for them and parents as well. It will be less messy. For the adults, a simple cake or tiered cake will be ideal. It all depends on how many people will be eating it. Make sure that you bake the cake or cupcake of the same size as your ordered cake image.

Decorate the cake with the Edible Image

One of the best things about the edible image cake topper is that you only need few minutes to decorate the cake. They are printed on FDA approved frosting sheets and come with a protective backing. All you need to do is peel off the backing and put the cake image directly on the cake. They are completely safe and allergen free. You can keep the other edible images for using it one some other occasion as they can last for 12 months.

One of the best things about the Ghostbusters Edible Cake Images is that you will not need any more decoration after you have used the image to decorate the cake. You can put the icing around the cake, but that’s all you need to do. You can create a stunning cake decor in minutes with these edible cake toppers.

The Ghostbusters edible cake topper is one of the best cake decor ideas. Order them online and or get your favorite Ghostbusters image printed and create a personalized cake decor for any occasion.