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Creating a Unique Cake with Ghostbusters Edible Cake Images

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Ghostbusters is an extremely popular and much-loved comic flick and has huge merchandise dedicated to it. There are toys, souvenirs, cakes and much more interesting stuff available on the themes of Ghostbusters. When it comes to cakes, Ghostbusters enjoys a tremendous popularity. So, if you are a Ghostbusters lover or for that matter, you know someone who is a big fan of it; rest assured you cannot have any better idea to infuse the special vibes than having the Ghostbusters edible cake images.

Here’s presenting a few ways to use the Ghostbusters theme cake image for creating a special birthday bash:

You can take your pick from the various ranges of Ghostbusters themes as there are a plenty of options available. You can either choose from the stocked up images or you can get your desirable photo and print it as a cake topper. The Ghostbusters edible cake images are ideal for embellishing a theme cake for someone who is fond of the movie and its characters.

Online cake toppers

It is easy to order your Ghostbusters edible cake images online rather exploring the local bakeries. Simply visit the online stores and pick the one that catches your eyes. You can also send in your chosen image that you would love to see on as your edible cake image. The quick delivery is an assurance. In fact, order them in bulk so as to spare a few for other important occasions that are around the corner.

Baking cakes and cupcakes

Bake your cake or a cupcake for the special day. Having cupcake will be a more hassle-free process. It will be less time-consuming and less messy. Basically, it is manageable and you don’t have to worry much. You can also opt for more of an elaborate tiered cake. Ultimately, it all depends on how many guests you are having. So, make sure to bake the cake or cupcake of the same size as your ordered Ghostbusters Cake images.

The decoration of edible image

A great thing about the edible image cake toppers are it will hardly take any time for you to decorate them. They are printed on FDA approved frosting sheets and come with a protective backing. You only have to peel off the backing and put the image directly on the cake. Rest assured they are safe to eat and are completely free from the allergen.

Using Ghostbusters Edible Cake Images is you do not have to think of any other decoration to add to the cake. The only thing extra you may do is the icing around the cake. You will surely get a gorgeous and delicious cake.

The Ghostbusters Edible Cake Images is indeed one of the best cake decors you can have. Order them right away! Check out our collection here: