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Celebrate Your Birthday with an Edible Cake Image

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Birthdays are always special. Birthday cakes are even more special. When you are having a birthday party for your loved ones, it’s important to decorate the cake to make it look extra special.

There are many ways to decorate the cake. You will find plenty of cake designs from the store. However, if you want to make the cake really special, then you should try edible printed cake images. They are the newest method of cake decor, and they are getting more popular each day.

Edible cake images are so versatile. You can decorate your cake using the images that are so easy to use. Here is how you can celebrate your birthday with an edible cake topper:

What are Edible cake Images

If you are wondering what the edible cake toppers are exactly, it’s an edible image printed of frosting sheet that is used as cake toppers. You can choose any image you want. The image of your choice will be printed on the frosting sheet, just like the photographs. You can use the image on top of the cake and make the cake look fabulous and stunning. Edible cake toppers can last up to 12 months if you store them well away from the sunlight.

Choose the Prefect Image

One of the best things about the edible printed cake images is that you can use any image you want. You can either choose from ready-to-use themes like famous movies, personalities, TV shows and all. Or you can choose your own personal image to be printed on the frosting sheet to be used as cake topper. Choosing your own image gives you the chance to decorate your cake the way you want and make it special. You can choose a photo that represents a fond memory. Imagine how happy the person would be to see the cake special cake decor.

They are easy-to-use, perfect and stunning

Edible cake images are known for their high quality print and exact visual representation of the image you choose. This is one of the reasons why they are the best way to decorate a cake. They are so easy to use. The images are printed on the frosting sheet. All you need to do is peel off the protective sheet and put the cake image directly on the cake or cupcake. Your cake is ready. It takes just few minutes to decorate the cake unlike the conventional method of cake decoration.

The edible printed cake images are visually stunning as well. After you use the images for cake decor, you will not need any other decor. The personalized decoration is one of the reasons why they are the best.


Celebrate your or loved ones birthday with stunning cake decor with edible cake images. They are one of the best ways to show how much you care and love them. It’s also very easy to use and will save you plenty of time. Get your personalized cake image now