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4 Edible Image Toppers Themes for Cupcakes

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Cupcakes are the cutest option for celebrating kid’s birthdays. Unlike the cake, the cupcakes are easier to handle and children can easily eat them without creating any mess.

Decorating cupcakes with cute little edible decors is one of the best ways to make kid’s birthdays special and memorable. Kids love the splash of colors and designs. Now you can easily decorate the cupcakes for any occasions using the edible cupcake image toppers.

What are edible images toppers?

Edible cake image toppers are printed on the frosting sheets. You can choose any kind of theme or have any of your favorite images printed as toppers. Unlike the traditional method of cake and cupcake decors the edible toppers are easy to use and don’t take much time. You can easily put them on the cupcake and your cake decoration is complete.

They are also long lasting and FDA approved making them perfect for the kids. These edible toppers help create a personalized decor for numerous occasions including birthdays and wedding and anniversaries.

Here are some of the most popular cupcake edible image themes for a personalized cupcake topper:

1. PJ MASKS Edible Cupcake Toppers

This is one of the most popular themes for the children’s birthday parties. The three characters from the popular children’s television series with their colorful masks makes for the perfect cupcake decor theme. The rich colors and realistic depiction of the characters make it one of the best choices. You can get them printed in various sizes matching the need of your cupcake decor size.

2. Zootopia Cupcake Toppers

Another popular theme for kid’s birthdays. This thriller animated movie series from the Disney is very popular with the kids. You can choose from various Zootopia themes online or request your own personalized cupcake topper based on the themes. The colorful display with personalized message will make your birthday cupcake come alive. You can get them printed in any size for decorating your cupcake. They are printed in FDA approved frosting sheets and completely safe.

3. Paw Patrol Girls Edible Cupcake Topper

The Paw Patrol Girls cupcake toppers are one of the best ways to decorate birthday cupcakes. This animated series about the six brave puppies and a ten year old boy is one of the popular TV series. You can make the perfect cupcake decor with this theme and make your kid’s part a huge success. You can choose from various designs or request your own personalized one.

4. Shopkins Edible Cupcake Topper

Shopkins are one of the most popular collectible toys for kids. Cupcake toppers based on this design one of the best ways to do decorate the cupcake and create a personalized cupcake topper. They are available in all sizes and will look perfect on your cupcakes. Make your kid’s cupcake decor memorable with these cupcake topper designs.

Ready to us cupcake toppers are one of the best ways to decorate cupcake for birthday parties for the kids. They are adorable, safe and eye-catching and will make the occasion extra special.